Audio Rental Photos

We have only posted a very small amount of our photos here. If you would like to see more email us, (our email is located on the welcome page) We have a wide variety of equipment to cover all types of events.Our rates are highly competitive so give us a call.

Audio amp racks and sub and mid-hi

House left of rig for photo >-->

Small Stage Audio Rig

Audio for Radio Remotes (Disney)

Audio for corporate functions

Audio for Corporate Events

Stone Mountain Audio to cover 17,000 fans!The group America at Stone_Mountain, Too many people to count! close to 20,000 on lawn.

Audio System provided by Concert Audio

John Berry using ConcertAudio Services

Event Audio Production

DJ Rig For Private Party

Festival Audio Production

The Buckinghams with Fox 97.1

JBL VerTec Rig flown in roof tower

6 boxes per-side.

You say you need more->

.16 boxes that deliver.

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From 100 people upto 17,000+.


Audio systems that cover your event.

Stage and Audio Small Eventsmall audio systems to cover 100-500 people

Jbl Vertec 25' high. (35' towers)

Above and left 16 Boxes Per-side.

Cover 15,000 people at 115db C-rating (150' from stacks) "Absolutely Rock'n"