Stage Rental.

Our staging department has designed our rigs for outdoor useage. This portable staging system is rugged. Built from the ground up just to work outdoor concerts, festivals and special events. Outdoor events rarely occur on a flat surface, this mobile stage features a custom leveling system. The concert audio stage is ready to go just about anywhere you would want to put a stage. Parking lots, and grass fields pose little challenge. The stage you want where you need it. ConcertAudio delivers.

Stage Look:

Our portable stage system is designed on the basis that when something works well it usually looks good too. This stage is no exception. A level, sturdy, flat, evenly colored stage surface, thats what a stage should be about. Delivered and setup, a complete outdoor stage ready for your event needs.

Have a custom shape or want something different... Our crew has worked with designers to get that special look and feel of a uniquie event.

Many outdoor events require a roof or load bearing flown frame for lighting. Please see our stage & roof photos page for more info. .

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Rental Service Area Stage Rental service area

Outdoor Stage 32x16 32x16 stage
32x16 VIP Seating Area
Stage 24x16 with 8x8 monitor wing Stage, 24x16 with 8x8 monitor wing
Stage, 40x24 marley dance surface Stage 40x24 with marley dance surface.
Stage Rental Atlanta
Concert Production
Stage and Roof
Portable Stage

Available Stage Sizes

24' Wide stage

32' Wide stage

40' Wide stage

60' Wide stage

Bold is roof size.

Roof System Roof System


Outdoor Stage 24x24 24x24 Stage with backdrop
Stage, 24x24 24x24 Stage
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Quote from one of our clients:

We have worked with differnt agents and we always see your bid as the most cost effective.

and a quote from one of our booking agents:

well all is good, our client came up and put her arm on my shoulder and said that everything looked great. I think we've convinced them to let us do the production for the rest of their events.

Stage Specs Stage & Roof foot print

32'x24' Stage Roof

32' vs 24'

24'x24' Stage Roof

We go far beyond just staging. Click on the photos link at the top of page to see our complete outdoor event services. Developing long-term clients has been the real success of ConcertAudio. Our staff realizes that your event is another great opportunity to add you as a long term client and that is our focus.

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