Concert Production: Line Array Rentals

JBL VerTec Line Array Rental:

The JBL VerTec array is a real winner in our production market. Most of our shows are 5,000 people and under and the VerTec really delivers! Excellent power and throw to all seats whether it's a national act or working a major corporate presentation. Being that every venue and event is different the VerTec rig has earned the right to be called our bread winner. JBL for many years considered the top of the food chain in loud speaker design has designed the VerTec to be easy on the crew. It requires fewer crew and is a fast up rig. In addition, the small footprint of this rig allows us to "hide" the audio rig and make the stage presentation/performance the main focus. Of all the events we've worked, our VerTec has never let us down. Our goal is to pair our clients up with the absolute best equipment and technical talent to deliver your event in the manner you would expect from top notch production.

Line Array Rental, Tour Grade Audio.

L-Acoustics Vdosc Line Array Rental:



For many audio professionals the above words are all you need to know. If you have Vdosc, everything else will fall into place. The concept has been around for many years but until LAcoustics developed the first real high powered line array it was just a great idea on paper. Many have touted this as the first real innovation since the speaker was invented. Words like "waveguide" and "line array" originated from this manufacture. Now that we are a few years down the road many other manufactures have joined the line array bandwagon. Many of the new array rigs sound great but none have the coherence at distance that VDOSC offers. After working with other arrays I can tell you that its no wonder why many tour professionals prefer this rig. In short, it reduces room reverberation and delivers the full bandwidth performance no matter whether your seated in the front row or in the super cheap seats. For very-large scale events Vdosc offers benefits that others can only come close in.

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Audio: We offer complete sound system rentals For your next concert or special event get a quote from concert audio. As years have passed concert audio has diversified its offerings. Audio production is what we enjoy most. The challenges of running a live show and making sure that everything works. It sounds so simple yet requires attention to detail.

Our sound reinforcement capabilities are fairly large. If your hosting a large event and are worried about coverage, have no fear. Flown speaker arrays and delay towers are your best bet. With planning, we can deliver the exact amount of audio your event requires. Nothing worse than the front row going deaf and the back row wondering what's happening.

Is Concert Audio to large to handle our event? In most cases we are a great production partner. Having grown up working smaller concerts and events has given us tons of experience. Smaller audio rigs cost less. Same equipment as the big shows just not as much and you still get the same talented tech crew.

We've seen it before, clients book great artist and are unaware of production cost in order to meet the artist rider. Result is an over budget show. Sound system rental rates are based on amount of equipment and techs required to properly supply the artist and venue. Look at artist riders before signing contracts. Make sure that your audio company and budget will support these requirements. A great solution to this is having an event management company assist you in planning your concert series or special event, budgeting and operation. Yes it does cost money for their services, however, we have found in most cases their services actually save money and really save on headache's. We have seen several occasions where their experience has saved clients/events from disaster. Just like the TV commercial, we're here to help. Talking to us on the phone is free. Not having what you need and the talent to run an event.... go buy a lottery ticket.

Concert Audio, providing audio rental services for over 10 years!

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VerTec Array flown in our roof towers
Vdosc Array Ground Stack (Cheap Trick Artist)Vdosc Line Array. Hank Jr & Kid Rock
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Tech Specs for each array:

VerTec Line Array Spec sheet

Vdosc Line Array Spec sheet

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