Stage and Roof Rental:

Stage and roof system adds to the feel of an event. Patrons see a massive structure that is pleasing to the eye. This structure has only one thing to say, "This is the main stage, this is going to be a great show".

Roof advantages are many.

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Some not so obvious advantages of the roof tower system:

Placing speakers in the towers has 3 positive effects.

Now that you have a clean stage and sightlines have been restored, the entertainment is now the focal point. No more trying to look around equipment on the stage to see the action.

The towers elevate the speakers and help to even the audio coverage. Speaker position is critical to the distribution of the sound and overall loudness. If the audio system is on the ground, your front row people will be subjected to extremely high/loud sound levels. The problem is that the front rows of people absorb the sound and more power is required to obtain coverage to the rear of the venue. Elevating the speakers ensures that the front row does not absorb the bulk of audio and that even distribution of the sound is possible.

Our roof is load bearing. On evening and night shows that require lighting our roof can support the loads with no problem.. Without a load bearing roof you would be required to rent truss and a lifting system. With our roof system, simply spanset the lighting rig to the roof structure and the towers lift lighting and roof. This saves both time and money.

Front of House, Mix Position and Monitor Position roofs available. (see photos page for more)

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    Other advantages:

    We have taken a proven design and modified it for quicker assembly and better load rating. It is designed to be load bearing and rated to carry enough lighting to ensure the wow factor.

    Can be raised or lowered with only 2 people. Roof operates with hand cranks and does not require a power source.

    The ConcertAudio Roof is self draining. No need to relive built up water from rain. Tents and other roof types may require attention during rain to relive areas that pool water. Excessive pooling of water will rip the roof skin.

    In the unlikely case of roof cable failure, spansets (safety) will hold the roof should such event ever occur.

    Hand cranks have removable handles and are auto-braking. If the operator slips or lets go of the crank during lowering/raising the roof it will automatically stop..

    Stage Roof Height: The Concert Audio roof system gives clearance of 16'-20' from stage and a total roof height of 20'-25' from ground. The clearance helps in live concerts to reduce on stage feedback. Clearance is also good for lighting. The extra height allows the lighting to be at good focal distance.

    Stage rental Roof Tower Placement
    Notice the front support lifts would be blocking the view of the front line. Having our towers on the ground and to the side solve this and actually add to the look and function of the stage.

    The stage is not a speaker wing. There again putting speakers on the stage is usually non productive. In this photo the stage was provided by the venue and was large enough to accommodate for this.

    Genie lift towers are a great support method. However they do not provide a space for sponsor banners.

    Our towers do not sit on the stage. This would take up your stage space. You've rented that space you should be able to use it!

    Portable Stage and Roof, items to consider.

    Tents for a stage cover.

    Yes, Tents can cover a stage. As seen above, tents do not give the height, clear span, nor look and feel that a production roof delivers. Below is our answer to the problem. A 24x24 top that gives 12' of clearance from the ground. It is a cost effective solution where a load-bearing structure is not needed. Great for day events. Speaker wings can be added to support the audio. Just the kind of innovative thinking you would expect from a company that values its clients.


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    Our roof can fly audio to give better sight lines
    Stage and roof rental with flown JBL vertec audio system ConcertAudio roof & portable stage system used for the GOT JAZZ series at Centennial Olympic Park
    The look of your event is only limited by your imagination
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    Our Home Town Atlanta
    On larger events a flown audio array is the only way to go! The roof towers can house most line arrays. In the photo above the JBL VerTec rig is seen. We also can fly the L-Acoustics V-Dosc rig, both work and look great inside the towers.
    Stage and roof being used for an evening event. Look and feel are very important to the event. If you guessed the above was a great show, your right!
    How not to cover a stage.